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Enhancing Smart Transportation & Safety

Comprehensive Vigilance, Vitals, and

 Analytic Solutions

NOVAlert IVS Ltd. develops smart non-contact biometric solutions for driver monitoring (DMS), smart cockpit pilot monitoring, and high occupancy vehicles (HOV) passenger counting in carpools. 


“Smart Monitoring Seat (SMS)” Solution and Features

Continuous, contact-free vigilance and vital signs monitoring technologies draw on years of scientific lab, simulator and road validation studies in identifying driver drowsiness, inattentiveness, and total incapacitation. The system uses a combination of multi-parameter digital signal processing, analytics, adaptive machine learning, and self-testing.

Personalized early warning system upon signs of fatigue, drowsiness and incapacitation

In-vehicle and transmitted, real-time alerts

Connected, end-to-end real time human factor "Black Box" of driver’s data

Multisensory backup for optimal reliability

Smart Monitoring Seat benefits

• Contact-free, non-obtrusive physiological and behavioral multi-parameter seat monitoring technology.

• Early detection and alert of fatigue, drowsiness and incapacitations.

• Fatigue countermeasure activation of seat vibrators to alert and arouse the driver. 

• On-board and communicated driver status “black box” data.

• Fusion multi-parameter digital signal processing, analytics, machine learning, and self testing.  


Proof of Concept

  • Wrist-Worn DMS Watch (Canada Sleep Lab; US FRA, Fiat, Daimler Chrysler)
  • Steering Wheel DMS Driver alertness system (Autoliv)
  • Smart SENSeat pilot monitoring system (IAI)
  • Smart tag passenger counting




Intellectual Property

• Patents granted and pending 


What the European Innovation Council said about NOVAlert

“The innovation has capacity to significantly contribute to the traffic safety. If widely used, the impact to the society would be important: more secure drive, saving of human lives and injuries, saving in the economy”. 


“Proposed technology is unique and highly exceeds existing solutions. The innovation is of breakthrough and market creating nature”.


“High potential innovation as it addresses a relevant challenge, proposes an innovative and integrated solution for a non-intrusive “safe drive” technology, targeting a reduction in car crashes with its inherent health, social and economic consequences, a relevant global challenge”.


“Proposed is a novel integration of sensors, electronics, and AI through a non-contact approach, targeting the weaknesses of competing technologies like “lane transposing monitoring” (proposed system detects faster, mitigating risk} and “close eye monitoring” (improving accuracy by monitoring an integrated set of vital signs”.


Dan Atlas, Founder and Director
[email protected]
Phone: 972-50-7795686

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