Intelligent Vigilance Solutions

Analytic Technology for Enhanced Road Safety.

NOVAlertIVS group is continuing development of in-vehicle active safety system designed to enhance road safety.


The sensing, analytic & learning technologies draw on years of lab and road validation studies in identifying driver drowsiness, inattentiveness and total incapacitation. Also applicable to autonomic vehicle drivers, passengers and pilots.

Alerting upon early signs of drowsiness & inattention

Arousing and sustaining alertness

In-vehicle & transmitted real-time alerts

Testing psychomotor vigilance (PVT) and reaction time upon performance decrement

Drowsiness identified earlier than by EEG

Key Benefits – Smart Seat Version

• Physiological non-contact multiparameter seat sensing
• Detecting total incapacitation and post-crash signs of life status
• In-seat massage & heating options

Key Benefits – Smart Watch Version

Physiological EMG muscle tone sensing

Proof of Concept

• Wrist-worn (Canada Sleep Lab; US FRA, Fiat, Daimler Chrysler)
• Steering wheel (Autoliv)
• Scientific concept documentation

Previous Versions Funding History

Over $US 900,000 grants and Dan Atlas.


Intellectual Property

• Proprietary knowhow
• US Patent application 62806759 (2019)
• US Patent application 62796590 (2019)
• WO/2016/061351 PCT/US2015/055734
• US Pat. 6353396; 6265978; 5917415


Partners Sought

Automotive, car seats and smartwatch companies.

What They Said About NOVAlert

“Dan, thank you very much for the presentation and demonstration of your NOVAlert System.  The concept presented seems a very promising solution has a great opportunity for the driver state monitoring”. TRW safety group manager, Germany. 


“Thank you for visiting with us.  We are all very excited about your innovative work and do hope we can both collaborate on interesting applications and see if these devices can help our fellow soldiers. Geoffrey Ling, US Military MXC.USUHS.


” I attended the Driver Alertness Conference, several persons I talked to there are interested in the Novalert Wrist watcher”. John K Pollard, US FRA, Volpe Center, Boston.


“Your ideas are similar to what we have envisioned for the future car development”. Holland TRC


Dan Atlas (Under construction)
Phone: 972-50-7795686

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